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Understanding The Storage Industry

When I started managing a storage facility to get free rent, I was wondering how much I could possibly learn from the business. However, after working there for several months, I realized that the storage industry was not only highly lucrative, but it was also really interesting and fun. Our customers were loyal and kind, and I realized that I really wanted to understand the storage industry so that I could improve our little business. This blog is all about storage, so that you can learn what you need to in order to store successfully, or even manage your own facility someday.

3 Must-Have Services And Words Of Advice During A Move

When you are planning a home move, there are three things that you might want to consider getting -- a storage unit, a moving truck, and a moving insurance policy. By working to arrange for these three things, you'll be in good hands and able to protect yourself during the course of the entire move. In order to follow these tips the best that you can, consider these guidelines and start calling some companies that can help you. 

Find a company that can rent you a storage unit

Sometimes during a move, you may want to handle things little by little with the rental of a storage unit. When looking for a storage unit, start by making sure that the property is located in a good neighborhood, and that they take proper security measures. Some of the things that storage rental companies do to protect you include the presence of security cameras and gated entry with security on-site. Once you have found a few storage rental companies that satisfy these requirements, make a conscious effort to find a great price for the rental that you know you can afford. You might pay between $100 per month and $200 per month on one of these storage rentals.

Rent a moving truck that can haul all of your belongings

You'll need to get your hands on a solid and reliable moving truck in order to get all of your items to your new home. Be sure that you book your truck rental far in advance since dates fill up fast. Ask the rental company for suggestions on the size of truck that you need, based on the number of rooms that you are moving. An eight hour rental in the same city can cost typically between $40 and $70, in addition to mileage.

Plan your move out accordingly

The first thing you need to do once you are ready to actually began packing and moving items is make a list of every single thing that will be boxed and transported. Create this list or spreadsheet in digital form, and whenever possible, find the value of each item for insurance purposes. Take out an insurance policy on your move, so that you can be properly compensated if something is to break during the course of the move.

Follow these tips so that you are able to get all that you need from your moving process. To learn more, contact a company like Penn  Plaza Self Storage