Understanding The Storage IndustryUnderstanding The Storage Industry

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Understanding The Storage Industry

When I started managing a storage facility to get free rent, I was wondering how much I could possibly learn from the business. However, after working there for several months, I realized that the storage industry was not only highly lucrative, but it was also really interesting and fun. Our customers were loyal and kind, and I realized that I really wanted to understand the storage industry so that I could improve our little business. This blog is all about storage, so that you can learn what you need to in order to store successfully, or even manage your own facility someday.

Self-Storage For Self-Employed Persons

A self-employed person needs to do everything possible to optimize their productivity and minimize their expenses. Really, this is something that all businesses need to do. What you may not know is that, as a self-employed person, renting a storage unit is a great way of achieving both of these objectives. Here are some of the ways in which a self-storage unit will benefit you:

Storing Business Paperwork

Most businesses generate paperwork, even small businesses that are run by individuals. Examples include client orders, business records, fliers, client files, and many others. If you don't trust your home to keep such paperwork safe, then the best place to store them is a self-storage unit. The right storage unit, preferably one with climate control infrastructure, will protect your paperwork from water damage, temperature damage, and even pest attack.

Storing Physical Inventory

If your business deals with physical goods, then it is also a wise idea to store them in a self-storage facility rather than storing them in the house. Maybe you sell books online, deal in artworks, or own a small repair shop; all of these businesses can benefit from self-storage. This is necessary not only for the safety of the goods (your basement is more likely to flood than your self-storage unit) but also due to space constraints at home.

Space for Meetings

Many storage facilities that cater to commercial clients have rooms that their clients can use for meetings. The cost of the meeting rooms may be integrated into your storage unit rental fees, or it may be an added bonus from your storage facility. This means you don't have to interrupt your household's normal routine (or have the kids or pets interrupt your meeting) if you have a meeting coming up. Besides, your home may not be as professional looking as the rooms provided by your chosen storage facility. Most of these facilities will also provide you with other business solutions, such as an internet connection, photocopiers, and projectors for presentations.

Delivery and Shipping Point

Lastly, you may also use your self-storage unit as a delivery and shipping point for your goods. There are even storage facilities that will accept deliveries on your behalf if you are away or ship out your items as long as you have made such arrangements with them.

The above are just a few examples of what storage units can do for your self-employment. The full range of benefits will depend on, among other things, the industry you operate in.