Understanding The Storage IndustryUnderstanding The Storage Industry

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Understanding The Storage Industry

When I started managing a storage facility to get free rent, I was wondering how much I could possibly learn from the business. However, after working there for several months, I realized that the storage industry was not only highly lucrative, but it was also really interesting and fun. Our customers were loyal and kind, and I realized that I really wanted to understand the storage industry so that I could improve our little business. This blog is all about storage, so that you can learn what you need to in order to store successfully, or even manage your own facility someday.

Things To Consider When Putting Your RV In Storage

Whether you are planning to put your RV in storage because it needs work that you can't tend to right now or it is simply not the season to be traveling in it, you want to make sure that you are properly storing it. To help make sure that you are completing the RV storage setup in the best possible way, you will need to review the following helpful tips:

Get Everything Cleaned Out Of The Inside

You want to make sure that your RV is not attracting any insects or rodents while it is in storage. If rodents can smell food in your RV, they will chew their way through the side or underneath of it in order to get to the food. They might even end up making their nests in your RV if there is a substantial amount of food in there for them. It would become the perfect breeding ground for them. This results in damage to your RV and a huge toxic mess to clean up, as rodents will have feces and urine all over the place. To avoid such problems, you will want to make sure that you are removing all traces of food and do a thorough cleaning. This will remove all traces of food and food crumbs that could attract unwanted guests.

You May Want To Remove The Tires

This will involve having your RV put up on blocks, since the tires will no longer be there, but the effort will be worth it. This is an especially good idea if you are considering long-term storage of your RV. If the RV tires are left in place and the RV sits without any movement for months on end, you may find that you will need all new tires when you are ready to take your RV out of storage. Dry rot happens quickly with tires that are on vehicles that never move around. Another option is to go to the storage unit every few weeks and move the RV in and out or drive it around the property in order to keep the tires rotating and no longer sitting on the exact same spot.

Now that you are a little more prepared with what will need to be done when placing your RV in storage, you can get started. Find a location that offers RV storage and get it ready for going into storage.